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A Little More About Me

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

I am the granddaughter of Irish immigrants and French-Canadian shoe workers. I grew up in Topsham, Maine in a Navy family turned real estate family after our father retired as the Officer in Charge of the BNAS Commissary.

I moved to Freeport in the late 1990s after graduating from Marlboro College, Vermont with a B.A. in Literature and Music and married a 10th-generation Mainer from a Casco Bay Island fishing family. We have six children ranging in age from 27 down to 12; four boys and two girls. I have homeschooled our six children and have, at times, enrolled them in public school. During these past 27 years of mothering, I have witnessed a significant decline in our school system; there is an urgent need for all citizens, not only parents, to stand up to improve the quality of our children's education, and our children's lives. It is absolutely critical our school systems refocus on core learning, rather than social-emotional learning, to increase Maine children's opportunities.

Civic engagement is also on the decline, while government overregulation and abuse are rampant. In response, I founded Maine Legislative Watch Dogs to engage Mainers throughout the State in becoming civically active within our legislative process by following and testifying on key legislative proposals. Our activists have been successful in defeating significant bills.

I brought FreedomWorks to Maine and am currently the only FreedomWorks Ambassador in the State. I work alongside FreedomWorks on critical issues posing threats to our freedoms. I have worked as an advocate for Maine fishing communities against overregulation, encouraged alternative food systems, specifically Community Supported Fisheries modeled after Community Supported Agriculture, and have served as a field journalist for Commercial Fisheries News covering regulatory meetings in Augusta and communicating proposed policy change to Maine Fishermen. I have worked aboard fishing vessels as a researcher for the Maine Department of Marine Resources and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and have served as a researcher for Dr. Madeline Hall-Arbor, M.I.T. Anthropologist/ Marine Social Studies professor, concerning the social-economic impacts regulations have had on the Maine Ground Fish Industry. I currently serve on the Freeport Shellfish Commission and I am excited to be running for Freeport House of Representatives to bring my experience, background, and knowledge to Augusta, giving Freeport a more representative voice in the legislative body.

Yes, Maine and our Nation are in a mess, but together, we can reverse this.

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